Landscape Architecture

Studio 1515 provides beautiful and unique landscape environments.

Our plans reflect our clients’ visions and goals, meet or exceed sustainability criteria to protect our natural resources and can be built and function in the real world.

Studio 1515 has experience in custom residential, hospitality, public projects including streetscapes, design guidelines, river restoration and MWELO and accessibility compliance.


RSA+ Family

Studio 1515 Landscape Architecture belongs to the RSA+ family of design service businesses which includes civil engineering + surveying and professional reprographics company. Located within a block of RSA+ in Downtown Napa, the three firms, Studio 1515, RSA+ and Napa Reprographics work hand-in-hand on a daily basis to deliver superior projects to the development community.

The partnering of landscape architecture with civil engineering results in direct benefits to our clients.

There is great efficiency and savings in time, effort and money as the exchange of information needed for both disciplines occur in-house. The challenges of each project can be analyzed and resolved internally with both disciplines’ skills, creativity and expertise on hand.

As part of the RSA+ family of businesses, Studio 1515 is uniquely positioned to provide fully integrated and coordinated landscape architectural services.

  • Conceptual plans
  • Construction documents & administration
  • MWELO Compliance & Calculations
  • Firewise landscapes
  • Drought tolerant landscapes
  • Stormwater bioretention areas
  • CASp services – plan review, site inspections and CASp reports

The Studio 1515 Team

Susan Heiken

Rachel Brinkerhoff