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The Client for this property came to us after the Glass Fire tore through their neighborhood. Their home, thankfully, remained largely untouched but some of their landscape needed to be rehabilitated. They reached out to us knowing that we specialized in Firewise Landscaping because they wanted to make sure they reduced their risk even more.

Around the house we incorporated non-flammable materials including concrete, decomposed granite, and flagstone. A stone wall on the eastern side of the home, which is also the downhill side, acts as a break for any fire that may come up that hill. A succulent rock garden runs along the south side of the home. An irrigated meadow of native grasses flanks a dining area and bocce court. The surrounding landscape incorporates small clusters of native, low-growing, fire-resistant plants with a decomposed granite mulch.

While no landscape is fire-proof, the primary focus of any firewise landscape should be maintenance – keep everything healthy and well irrigated and remove any dead or dying vegetation, particularly invasive annual weeds.